Advanced features of a schedule builder

The common features that a schedule offers are the shift swap, attendance tracking, and project assignment. However, if you want more efficient schedule builder, you must check other features that will make your work more productive. Here are the features that you must check.


A good schedule builder is accessible to all users. However, if you’re looking for a better schedule builder, a privacy setting must be checked. When choosing one, ensure that it can allow you to create user permissions. Through this type of option, you can control the number of users who can access the options available.

Multiple schedule views

Your employees want to see things in a different manner. They may want to see the calendar in weekly view while some prefer it in a monthly view. It’s another feature that you must check if you want easiness while using the builder. It should give you the efficiency youneed.

Responsive interface

It’s better if you find a schedule builder that has a responsive interface option. It allows your employees to access it using their devices. Whether they are using an Android phone or an iOS software, a responsive interface can make it easier for them to check their schedule.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

A drag-and-drop interface can make your task easy. You don’t need to re-type the information on the card because you’ll just need to drag it. It can save you a lot of time as well as your employees.

Saves automatically

One of the worst scenarios that you can experience is when you forget to save the schedule you input in the system. It’s time-consuming and it decreases your productivity rate. So, when finding a schedule builder, ensure that it saves the task automatically. It can save a lot of your time.

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