Coffee beans variants for coffee lovers

Do you consider yourself as a coffee lover? If you’re so in love with the aroma of the roasted coffee beans, you must not end your experience there. You must also know the different variants available so you can tell yourself that you’re a certified coffee lover. For reference, here are the things you need to know about coffee.

Various countries

Coffee beans come from different parts of the world. Three major continents that produces coffee beans include America, Asia and Africa. These continents offer different flavors that you’ll enjoy. The popular variety includes Brazilian coffee that comes in three different types such as Brazil Santos, Brazil Cerrado and Brazil Yello Bourbon. You can also have the taste of the Colombian variety such as Colombia Decaf, Colombia Supremo and Colombia Narino. Other countries in America also offers coffee beans such as El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala. More information on เมล็ด กาแฟ on

The Asia variety includes Myanmar Arabica, Thai Akha, Indonesia WahanaLongberry, Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling, Vietnam Robusta Mocha, Laos Arabica, China Yunnan, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. The African variety includes Ethiopia Queen City Harrar, Yemen Mocha, Uganda Robusta, Uganda Mount Elgon, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Sidamo G2, Rwanda Bourbon, Burundi Kari Lake,Tanzania Arabica Red Bourbon, Kenya and Tanzania Peaberry.

Expensive type

As you explore the different coffee variants, don’t forget to try the expensive variants such as the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and the white coffee beans. Even though you need to pay a bit higher than the other variants, it’s worth the money. It’s a rare chance that you’ll experience a well-balanced coffee that the Jamaican Blue Mountain offers.It’s less acidic. So, if you have an acidity problem, it’s an option you must take.The white coffee beans have a unique taste. However, you must be careful when grinding it because it expands and it spreads.

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