Who Wants to LIve in Potong Pasir Town?

Potong Pasir Town might not be the most modern area in Singapore, but it’s guaranteed to be one of the warmest and friendliest neighborhood across the country. Despite being in the opposition ward for so long and largely underdeveloped, the atmosphere at Potong Pasir Avenue 1 will certainly make you feel like you are at the very heart of old Singapore. Find more details visit here www.the-trevercondo.com.sg

Why you should consider moving to Potong Pasir

Foreigners and expats truly love living in this lively neighborhood. Despite the absence of giant malls and local cinemas, there is plenty of things to do - all of which involves meeting and greeting your neighbors. The place simply makes them feel that, despite of difference in race, they do belong and are welcome to stay. It is where they can experience first-hand what kampung spirit is all about.

You can swap stories and laughter with uncles at the local coffee shop, most specifically the 24-hour shop located in front of the Hindu temple. Or you can hunt great bargains around Block 147 where local goodies are in abundance. Even if you are really not in the mood for shopping, the sights and sounds produced by these early markets should be enough to entice you.

The estate is also a walking distance to the famous St. Andrew’s School and just a stone’s throw away from the Potong Pasir train station.

UOL Group to Build New Condos

The closely-knit neighborhood is the reason why giant conglomerates United Overseas Limited and United Industrial Corporation Real Estate Developer are working hard to construct a newly developed condo called Tre Ver to cater to those that are interested to be a part of this interesting estate. An approximate 500 units will be available for families and individuals to move in. If you want to experience the authentic Singaporean experience, you should consider moving to this warm place.

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