How Do You Play Fortnite?

Gamers are busy doing major playtime and looking for the best Fortnite hack and strategy that can guarantee their triumph. There are millions of Fortnite players worldwide and the population of players are growing every day. What makes Fortnite a video game success? Experts say it is because of the different types of game play it offers and how each one is fun. You can find more details on Fortnite hack on the site

The original game play of Fortnite is a cross between The Walking Dead and Minecraft. It’s like Minecraft because in this mode, players roam around, explore the area, complete quests, do some looting, and build fortresses. It is like The Walking Dead because in Fortnite, you are collecting items and materials that you think will be useful to survive the coming zombie apocalypse. The goal is to build fortresses or structures with booby traps to keep zombies out and collect weapons that can help you slaughter zombies that come too close. The zombie attacks will come fortnightly giving you time to complete quests and work on your structure.

Fortnite Battle Royale mode

The more popular play mode, however, is the Battle Royale mode which is a cross between Sims and Hunger Games. Basically, 100 players are in an island and they have to fight to the death until 1 survivor remains. It’s like Hunger Games where there is a “safe zone” that players should battle in that grows smaller as the game progresses to force players to bump into each other as the number of players grow smaller. It’s like Sims because players can change the way they look by buying silly costumes that comes with different boosts.

Now that the game is going mobile for Android and Apple users, expect the popularity of Fortnite to increase and the hype to last for a couple more years.

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