I believe that yoyo is a toy that does not age. It has its own legacy. Every generation has its own contribution in the yoyo popularity during their time. At this present time, yoyos are still well-known and many people, whether young ones or adults, are doing everything to become experts in yoyo tricks. If you are interested to learn how to play yoyo, let me share with you some tips on how you can get started.

Make adjustment on your string's length

When buying a yoyo, it may already include the string and you just need to start playing with it. But if you are the one who will just add a new string to the Best yoyos, just remember that the end should reach your belly button and is stretched out on the floor or at your feet. This is the advisable length so it will be easier for you to do different tricks.

Configure your yoyo

Yoyos that are manufactured nowadays are designed to let you perform advanced tricks, thus, it allows the yoyo to spin freely when at the bottom. If you are just a beginner, you would want your yoyo to return back right away after releasing it down. You may let your yoyo do this by creating a double loop around the axle. You should grab the string above the yoyo and untwist it counterclockwise. Afte that, wrap one of the resulting threads twice around the axle.

Wind the string properly

The string of modern yoyo is not easy to wind because it is now designed for modern tricks where yoyo can sleep longer before taking it back. To wind it, hold the yoyo in one hand and place one finger of that hand across the gap, then wind the string over your finger once. Wind all the string without removing the finger and before you finish, release the single loop of string from the finger so it can be wrapped under the rest of the string.

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