What are the Types of Printing for Houston Custom Shirts?

Are you the type of person who loves to express himself by wearing customize shirts according to his mood and feelings for the day? Then, maybe you should be checking on Houston Custom Shirts and their design. Their customize shirts are well printed which you can choose from its different way. Below are the types of printing you can specifically request from Houston Custom Shirts:

Direct to Garment Technique
Known as the aluminum handle squeegee for screen printing, this type of printing is the newest in the t-shirt printing industry today. From its name itself, this method makes printing the design to the garment –Tshirt. Surely, you don’t have any idea yet on how this works. Well, there is a particular machine for this type of printing. However, the machine is quite expensive which is not recommended for starters unless you have bulks of regular orders.

Silk Screen Printing
This type of printing is the oldest and the easiest way. You just need to have a squeegee as one of the main tools. Mostly, printers use aluminum handle squeegee as it is the most durable and friendly type. Silk Screen Printing is also cheaper but may provide you the best result. You can actually practice it at home, master the printing process, and you can start readily with Houston Custom Shirts business.

Heat Press
This type of printing is also known Heat Press Printing. Images will be transferred to the garment –Tshirt permanently using heat. Much heat and pressure are the main requirement for better result on this type of printing. It’s also another easy option for those accepting with bulk orders. In just few minutes, you’ll be able to finish one printing with good quality output. Most Houston Custom Shirts shops accept Heat Pressing orders.

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