Top 3 Things You Should Include in Your Pig Farming Business Plan


Starting a new business seems to be a big step especially if it was a big business like pig farming business. The first step you should take to reach your goal is to gather sufficient knowledge about pig farming in order to create a great pig farming business plan. Learn more about piggery business plan pdf on this site.

Top 3 Things You Should Include in Your Pig Farming Business Plan:

1. Managing Pig Farm – you must have a certain number of employees who will be responsible in different areas of the pig farming business all for the goal of getting the proper management of the pig farm. When getting started, two teams are enough to run the business properly and they are the pig keeper team who will be responsible for taking care of pigs and the other one is the finance management team who will be responsible for keeping track of financial progress of your business.
2. Overall Capital Cost – the cost for starting capital highly depends on the size of your piggery farming business project. Moreover, other factors like the labor costs, purchasing feeds, breeding stock, pig house construction and other maintenance tools can also add on the total cost.
3. Marketing Pig Pork – you must be familiar with the diverse market of the pig market which is very high in demand that is in fact annually global demand reaches up to 11 million tonnes. This will let you determine which pig market you want to focus. Some of the great sections to choose from include being a supplier for retailers, local butcher shops, restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, supermarkets and individual consumers locally.


Getting into a big business venture like pig farming business seems like a big step but creating an effective pig farming business plan can help you get started in the right way knowing the things you should include in the plan.

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