Tips in Using Nail Grinders for Dogs

A nail grinder is a particular tool for grooming your dog. At first, your dog will still adjust with the tool but eventually will get used to it. And so are you. 

Grinding Appropriately with nail grinders for your dogs

  • Check on the color of the nails. Evidently, nails with clear color are easier to trim than the darker ones.  Clear colored nails will help you identify which area to avoid (visible nerves) and which portion can be easily trimmed.  On the other hand, the darker nails are quite difficult to trim as you cannot easily identify the parts which needed to be avoided.  The tendency is that, if you are not used at grinding your dog’s nails, you’ll get them hurt. Author is an expert of nail grinder for dogs, visit here for more interesting information.


  • Handle the claws with much care. This part of the nails helps dogs make a firm grip when they climb or walk in smooth surfaces.  You should be very careful when grooming them.
  • See to it that your grinder won’t come in contact with your dog’s fur. The hair will get entangle to the nail grinders for dogs and would make your trimming a problem.  There’s also a tendency when your dog gets frightened and traumatized with the grinder.
  • Consider the history of the dog. There are dogs who easily get frightened especially on the sound of the nail grinder which could be a result of previous animal abuse.  Make sure that your pets are ready when you try to use the nail grinders for dog.  Allow them to listen to the sound for several times before you use the tool for them in grooming.
  • You may also refer to a veterinarian for suggestions. They are more expert in handling your pets.  Ask assistance from them if you are not yet used with grinding.  They can provide you demo and assistance in performing it.

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