Five Things You Probably Miss From GTA Vice City

With its sandy beaches and bright neon lights, GTA Vice City definitely captivated gamers upon its release. Here are some of the things you probably missed from the game in the franchise.

1. Beaches – Not that the succeeding games don’t have beaches, but Vice City beaches are what the game was all about back then. You have robbed, killed and carnapped in a New York-looking city in GTA 3, but it feels totally different once you do it in a Miami-looking city. It feels you’re in a vacation but doing crime on the side. Learn about GTA Vice City Download on

2. Bikini-clad pedestrians – Where are the hot chicks? Perhaps one of the unique things you can only get in Vice City are the pedestrians wearing bikini, because there are lots of them. Heck, there’s even a cheat for it that makes everyone put on swim wear. Sadistic as it may sound, assaulting someone feels totally different on swimming trunks.

3. Tommy Vercetti – Poor Tommy. You might have felt bad for him when he was put on bars because some idiot botched up a wholesome and honest business transaction. It also feels good doing the quests and seeing him exacting sweet revenge on the conspirators and eventually building his own Miami-vice empire.

4. Ken Rosenberg – Who doesn’t love Ken Rosenberg? This bad excuse for a lawyer has been with Tommy through thick and thin, and eventually crossing over to San Andreas and now as CJ’s legal advice. His cowardly mannerisms and pessimism surprisingly made him endearing to gamers that makes hate to see him die (he doesn’t die in the games by the way)

5. The 80’s – if you love the 80’s, then you have to love GTA Vice City. Whenever you pop in a car and drive, it’s always cool listening to hits you hardly hear from the radio anymore. The vehicles (but of course the cars!) are so flashy and cool like John Travolta.

You can download the game and relive the memories of Vice City. Check out websites that offer free GTA Vice City download. Or you can just buy the game in their official website and access online support whenever you need it.

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