How You Play The Pokemon Games

Pokemon is one of the most popular videogame franchises in the world dating back to the 90’s. It doesn’t matter how old you are, people can enjoy these games. There have been over a dozen of these games and despite how many there are, they follow a specific formula and how to play them.

When playing Pokemon games

 You start off by choosing one of the three starter Pokemons. Then you’ll be treated to a tutorial on how to play the games.
 The first thing that most people do is to catch available Pokemons. They can catch as many as they want but they can only carry and use six at a time.
 Then there is the combat aspect of the Pokemon games. These games utilize random encounters in some areas. Once an encounter happens, it becomes a turn-based combat mechanic. You fight one on one with the enemy Pokemon. The first one to knock out all the Pokemons on the other team wins.
 While catching is good, there is a story to follow in the games. You can encounter enemies in the story and progress it.
 Then there is the part where you have to battle the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and finally the Champion to end the game.
 Don’t worry as once you finished the game, you can continue playing and capture more Pokemons and don’t forget those Legendary ones.

Where you can play Pokemon games

 Pokemon games are made by Nintendo so you can only play them on Nintendo consoles and handheld devices as they are exclusive.
 You can also download Pokemon roms for the PC and systems that run these roms. You also need an emulator to run these games as well.

Play these Pokemon games today to get a fun time from them.

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